How the timebandit stole back time

once upon a time long before time
long before clocks ever told time

not yet tomorrow but after yesterday
the time was now the day today

the bandit was playing having so much fun
he felt that everything was as one

all his friends were playing, too
besides the clockmaker he had no clue

then the clockmaker one quiet day
thought it’ so quiet he could not play

he could not play without the noise
even though the world was full of toys

so he made a big noisy clock
strange it was and said tick tock tick tock

as the noise got louder and louder
the clockmaker got prouder and prouder

he was so proud he thought the noise
made the whole world become his toys

larger and larger his big head grew
and he forgot what he once knew

then one day, one noisy day
the bandit heard so much he could not play

all his friends were chasing tick tocks
as if they were trapped by the clocks

so he stole time back to be free
to remind the world of infinity