A stillness movement

In a world full of distractions, it is easy to forget that we are all connected. Obsession with knowledge has lead us to forget wisdom. An epidemic of noise has made us forget stillness. Now is the time for a new kind of movement, a “stillness movement"...

The secret of memories

The secret of memories is to keep them without letting them keep you. There is nothing wrong with looking back, nor to look forward. Nothing beats a wonderful walk down memory lane, or looking forward with a sense of hope...

How the timebandit stole back time

once upon a time long before time
long before clocks ever told time

not yet tomorrow but after yesterday
the time was now the day today

You are infinite

Man made symbols like time, language, nationalities are wonderful expressions of the range of diversity of human possibility. But there is something dangerous going on when we forget the real thing and identify with the symbols...

The Long Now

The Long Now, backed by Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos, are building a 10 000 year clock that will change the way we perceive time. Built deeply into the mountains of Texas, it is the story of a clock that goes around once every 10 000 years to expand our consciousness about time. We spoke to them about time, space, and humanity.

Tree here now

A tree knows why
Time is a lie
The branches go
Wherever they grow

I wonder if and how a flower

I wonder if and how a flower
understands the time and hour

I wonder how a tree
understands infinity

Today is the day

today is the day, let’s go out and play
don’t be afraid, nothing is late

I want you to know, all highs and lows
that life will bring and still dance and sing

The time is always right to do what’s right - Martin Luther King Jr.

The very act of love is an act of rebellion in a world trying to spread hate and separation, so let’s start a revolution and love NOW. When we ar...

Happy new now

Another year has passed by and another begun. The symbolic man made construct of time gives us a license to feel an explosion of joy on c...

This magic moment

Everything is born from this moment where the dance of change happens. The dancers are creation and destruction. The old dies as the new ...