the timebandits

Garni Sohrabian
 Having lived in 4 countries by the age of 20 made Global Studies the logical choice of study at UCSB. I graduated and became the co-founder/ president of a shoe company that grew into 19 countries. Everyone thought I was living the dream, but I was suffering on the inside. I felt a very strong pull towards something, but I wasn't sure what yet. I went up in the mountains every day and learned to see life from above again. Everything seems to be moving in harmony when seen from above. Nature helped me remember that all is one. I sold my ownership in the company and left. I knew that my purpose was to remind the world of unity, but I was not sure how, until one odd day...
After leaving my job in 2011 I found an old black & white wall clock I had bought 8 years earlier. I had never used it. I really don't like clocks or watches. I had only bought it because it said “the truth” on it. Something about that made me keep it all those years. As I was looking at it one day, I realized that the time is always now. The clock should say now, that is the truth. Time is just another label and illusion. When we shed the illusion of labels and symbols we feel the oneness of all things here and now. That is how "the truth" inspired us to steal time back!


Lilian Sohrabian 
I have a great passion for children and the arts, so it was a real blessing to join my brother in becoming a timebandit. I feel more whole, more me, more in touch with the universe when I'm immersing into the present and creating. I believe the universe communicates and guides us through art. It takes us down a deep rabbit hole where we lose time and find something infinite. All we have to do is to trust it and dive deep. Children do it naturally through play, and that is exactly how life feels when we live fully in the present. Everything becomes play and creation.


Armen Mahdessian

Where do I begin, to tell the story of how great a love can be...I earned my BA in Communication from USC, then went to work as a marketing officer for an Australian enviro-tech company. After a couple years, I went back to school (USC) for a graduate degree in Communication Management and soon after I found myself in the world of film finance and production. Produced a couple of theatrical pictures and then inexplicably to everyone, I walked away from a pretty awesome lifestyle. Gave away most of my possessions and booked it to Central America for a few months of backpacking. Took time for myself and then decided to remind my friends that “you've got all the time in the world". So I hooked up with my partner in time to create steal time back.